I Could Smell Spring

The sun left warm puddles of soft light in the apartment this morning, and I stepped into them, quietly and carefully, as if they’d disappear if I moved too fast or too loud.


I haven’t appreciated the sun much in the past, if I’m being honest. But the older I get, the more I value its warmth and light, and how it can lift my mood in a heartbeat.


I’m winter’s woman, but there’s a small part of my heart open to the warm seasons. I’ve been daydreaming about the long summer days to come, where the scent of the forest will flood the apartment when I open the windows in the morning.


I decided a walk in the forest was a must today. I was eager to see if I would be able to smell spring, and also to catch the ice. I scanned the forest as I walked, for traces of the last ice kingdoms, and made some daring ascents to photograph nature’s most beautiful architecture. Though it felt like sacrilege when I developed the desire to pull an icicle down, and wave it around like a wand for a while, before it melted down my fingers and into the creases of my palms.


The sunlight caught the boughs of the trees, and the backs of boulders and I spent a great deal of time pausing to watch the spectacle. There’s something truly magical about the way sun rays are dispersed through the forest. Though the snow and ice remains, spring is starting to move in quietly. I caught the scent of her today, and she smelt divine.





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