Eating Kardemummabullar

My love for cinnamon has a long history, reaching well back into the early days of my childhood. My love for cardamom however, is something that is relatively new.

It was when I first visited Scandinavia in 2009 that I realised just how much I enjoyed this deeply fragrant spice. Often overlooked by those outside the Nordic lands, cardamom is a delicious spice, which leaves a distinctive peppery aftertaste and – for me – a most gorgeous feeling of warmth and contentment. It’s the perfect choice when looking for comfort during the cold months, especially when it’s been baked into the form of a kardemummabullar (cardamom buns).


My afternoon break is a necessity. It’s a short respite which revitalizes me, and enables me to re-focus on what else is left to achieve during my working day. This afternoon I’ve been highly anticipating my kardemummabullar. Nothing can push me to get work completed better than the idea of nibbling my way through a warm, doughy spiral, that’s been sprinkled with sugar nibs and dark spice. Then following it with some cold milk.


With these ICA bullar, the best part is the very middle, where there’s a high concentration of sweet, sticky cardamom attached to the soft dough. I think that they’re best warm, as warmth helps unleash the cardamom  flavour. I pop one into the microwave for about 10-15 seconds, though I think they’d be better warmed in the oven, if you have time.





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