Things My Swede Has Taught Me – How To Walk On Ice


I am writing this post as the first day of Spring is coming to an end, and it couldn’t have been any more beautiful.

When we stepped outside of the apartment, the air was thick with the rich smell of the forest, and my already good mood was immediately elevated to higher planes. This was before I had even looked up at the cloudless, sweet blue sky, and felt the sun bathe my face with its warm rays.

Though spring has now made its true appearance, winter is being extremely stubborn. He doesn’t want to leave, and has left large patches of ice for us to traverse, tackle and conquer.


There was a particularly difficult hill that we needed to make our way down, and as I started lurching from one unsteady step to another – hoping to hell that I didn’t fall and smash my camera – Sebastian turned around and told me the trick to walking on ice…to make little, light steps instead of great, lunging strides. Lo and behold, it worked, and before long I was able to move with a much steadier step. I applied the same technique -short, slow steps – when we later on walked back up the hill, and my heart stayed where it should be, instead of climbing up into my mouth.

It’s only taken 29 years to encounter this ever valuable piece of advice, which will undoubtedly save my easily bruised body from being battered black and blue by icy ground during the coming winters. Thank you, my dear Sebastian.

Since the first time I met Sebastian, he has been teaching me something new every single day. So I decided that I should start a little, regular series here when I talk about the things I have learned from my Swede. I hope you have enjoyed this first insight.


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