Eating Kvarg

When I first arrived in Sweden, Sebastian introduced my palate to Kvarg, a Swedish dairy staple that has since become an invaluable part of my diet. Nowadays, I can’t imagine my life without it.


Kvarg is a true wonder food stirred up from milk (skimmed, semi-skimmed or buttermilk). It’s outrageously thick with a sinfully smooth texture, and a fresh, invigorating (i.e. a bit tart) flavour, that revitalizes the taste buds and banishes that grim taste of morning that we all know and loathe.


It contains a tiny number of calories, is virtually free of any fat, and is so jam packed full of protein that you can practically feel your muscles swell while you eat it. In Sweden, Kvarg is regularly grabbed out of the fridge for cooking and baking. It makes dough and pastry airy and moist, and works as an unsurpassed alternative to cream in sauces.


The low-fat version is the most popular in Sweden, and it’s the one that we always make a bee line for in the store. (We get through a kilo in a couple of days.) When we’re not using it to cook with, I eat Kvarg on its own, or with someone sweet, like these Pepparkakor, or apple sauce and a hearty dash of cinnamon.





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