Photographing My Viking

I take a lot of self-portraits. A lot. However I’ve always harboured the desire to photograph others. Opportunities to do so have been opening up since coming to Sweden, and I’m relishing each occasion where I’m able to be behind the camera…and capture a face that isn’t mine.

It’s much more of a challenge to take photos of others, but it’s a challenge I accept with my whole heart. It’s a challenge that I find thrilling, engaging and truly magical.

Last night, Sebastian had a rehearsal with his black metal band Rimfrost  and I went along  – for the very first time – to capture it with my camera. I didn’t want to get in the way while the rehearsal was going on, so there was no darting behind the drum kit, or making circles around Sebastian…It’s also a small room which also doubles up as a gym, so I made the best of the space that was there.

So…here there are, my favourite shots.

P.S. The new Rimfrost album was released yesterday. Head here to buy it!







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