Necessary Forest Walk

My senses were on full alert the other morning. I could smell and see the dew beautifully distributed on the tree branches. I could hear the sound of the beating wings from the flying crow far above my head. I could feel the chill from the air yet to be exposed to the sun which was hiding its face behind an army of clouds.



It had been two days since I had made it out to the forest…a mistake I won’t make again. Not visiting the trees for 48 hours had left me a little bit tense, frustrated and irritable.




I decided to make up for lost time and walk…and walk…and walk. I passed the trees and boulders I recognised and wandered into places unknown, places still decorated with scatterings of snow and thick patches of ice.



The trails were deserted, so I was left to enjoy these new found landscapes in absolute peace. By the time I arrived home, I felt happy, truly revitalized and ready to move on with the rest of the week.



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