Roadtrip To Hagfors In Värmland

Out of the blue on Saturday morning, Sebastian suggested we pack up the car and take a road trip to his home village of Hagfors in the west of middle Sweden. Never one to say no to an adventure, I said ‘YES A THOUSAND TIMES!,’ and started packing the essentials – cinnamon buns for the car (of course) and tea bags for when we arrived in Hagfors. In my experience, Swedes always have a vast amount of teas at home, but rarely the only one I like – English Breakfast. So, to save our lovely hosts any trouble, I bagged up a few Liptons.


My laptop is my fifth limb when I’m travelling anywhere overnight, but on this occasion I didn’t want it with me. I also didn’t want the internet. I wanted to break away from Facebook and Instagram and Hotmail, and truly embrace my time with Sebastian and his daughter with no distractions or disruptions. So, the laptop – along with my connection to the world wide web – stayed on the kitchen table.



A couple of hours after making the decision to go, we were on our way from Borås in Västra Götaland County, to the village of Hagfors in Värmland. The spontaneity of it all made me feel as though I was really, truly, openly living – and it was sublime.



Usually on road trips I can easily lose a couple of hours of the drive by sleeping, but I didn’t want to sleep on this trip. I wanted to be conscious for the entire journey and experience the parts of Sweden I’d never seen before, as well as savour the company, voice and view of my handsome other half.



The further north we headed, the quieter the roads became and the denser the trees. Värmland  is considered by many to have the most beautiful scenery in all of Sweden, and it was easy to see why.



Though I’d never visited Värmland before, in my soul it felt as though I was going home. The sight of the endless forests filled with me a serenity that is impossible to experience when you’re in a city or even in the forest that surrounds the city.



I found myself loosening up, smiling often and becoming more ‘myself.’ When I wound down the window, the air I took in was clean and delicious, completely devoid of city pollution.


Though my lower body was numb by the end of the four hours drive, every moment had filled me with wonder, joy and absolute satisfaction.

P.S. All of the photos in this post were taken from the moving car.

P.P.S. I’ll be sharing more from our trip to Hagfors over the coming few days.




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