Sebastian’s Family Home In Hagfors

I fell in love with Sebastian’s family home the moment we arrived. I fell in love with its  white walls and bright, airy spaces. I fell in love with its pastoral wooden floors and intriguing knick knacks. I fell in love with its muted colour scheme, and the way in which the outdoors had been bought in with plants, timber finishing and art. I fell in love with its Swedishness, and the feelings it left me with, feelings of tranquility, calm and contentment.

All of the best elements of Scandinavian style have been utilized in this stunning home, and I feel so grateful to have been invited inside.


I believe that a front door can say a lot about the people inside, and this gorgeous rustic wreath sings come in, we are ready to welcome you! This was my second meeting with Sebastian’s family, and it was smiles and laughter from the word go. Within ten minutes, we were all sat around the kitchen table enjoying Fika.



In typical Scandinavian style, every room in the home was bright, clean and airy, with beautiful wooden floors all the way through.






What I loved about Sebastian’s family home was how every space – no matter how small – had been considered. I adored the cozy front entrance hall, with its pale furnishings, wicker storage baskets, wooden chalk board and potted cacti.








The living room was a peaceful haven of plants and beautifully arranged trinkets, including a pair of shoes which Sebastian’s mother had worn as a child. They were carefully arranged under a glass bowl, creating one of the most artistic home decorations ideas that I’ve ever encountered. I was smitten with this wonderful way of preserving such a precious pieces of personal history.

The tones of the furnishings and walls, like in the rest of the home, were predominantly neutral, creating a soft and calming atmosphere.





Wandering through other parts of the house filled me with inspiration (I particularly like matching grey towels hung in the bathroom).


Outside in the garden, spring flowers were quietly coming into bloom, and the wonderful, calming atmosphere from the home made its way outdoors. The garden was also home to a cabin which had been the very first rehearsal space for Sebastian’s band Rimfrost. Sadly the door hadn’t been opened in years, and we couldn’t get it open wide enough to slip inside!

I found myself besotted with the deep, blood red colour of the cabin. Falu Red is the name of the paint, and it’s been widely used in the Swedish countryside since the 16th Century. It’s popularity is chiefly down to the fact that it helps to preserve the wood underneath it.

My time in Hagfors has left me energized and inspired. I can’t wait to go back!


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