I Tried Kaviar…Again

Today Sebastian had one of his favourite combinations, boiled eggs with Kalles Kaviar, a creamed cod roe spread that’s immensely popular in Sweden. Now, if you’ve been reading my blog since the beginning you’ll be only too aware that my first experience with kaviar wasn’t all that great. Basically, I ate it straight off a spoon with nothing to accompany it, and was almost sick…

Sebastian eats kaviar the traditional Swedish way – by squeezing a neat, little squirt onto each bite of the egg. When he came to his third and last boiled egg, I felt the need to try kaviar again, just to see if my taste buds had been out of order when I last put it in my mouth.

So, I did as he had done, and squeezed a little bit onto the top of the boiled egg and bit down. I pretty much knew from the second that it past my lips that I’d made a big mistake, and no, the addition of the boiled egg did not make it taste any less like a mouthful of uncooked fish parts and sea water. It took water, milk and furious teeth brushing to loose the taste.

I always give new foods a few go’s before I decide that I won’t be touching them again…but there will be no third chance for this particular Swedish delicacy!




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