Deep In The Forests Of Värmland

The other weekend, when visiting Sebastian’s home town of Hagfors, we made a trip to his Father’s house, deep in the forest. As we made our way down the dirt track leading to his house, I noticed that many of the ancient trees were decorated with what looked like clumps of green hair. Sebastian told me that this ‘hair’ was known as Old Man’s Beard, and it’s a kind of lichen.


When the beautiful falu red house came into view, I caught sight of an enormous moose skull resting on a boulder. Apparently it had been sitting there for decades, after Sebastian’s father found it when he was thirteen, and decided that the boulder would be its final resting place.


After meeting Sebastian’s father for the first time, we all headed into the forest to see a special tree…a spider fir. Apparently there’s only six of them in Sweden.



On our way back to the house, we found ligonberries under our feet. Tyra was quick to scoot down to pick these richly coloured fruits. If we’d had more time, I would have filled several bags. Ligonberries are a staple in the Scandinavian diet, and make the most delicious jam. In Sweden, it’s traditional for ligonberry jam to be served with meatballs, oatmeal porridge and, rather bizarrely, fried herring.

Out trip was a valuable eye-opener for me. It felt as though I was living out a dream as we picked ligonberries in the forest, with the house in clear sight. The next time we go back, I think it will be quite difficult to leave.












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