My First Swedish BBQ

It is commonly known that Swedes have a deep set passion for BBQing. At the first hint of warm weather, grillsäsong (barbeque season) begins, and hordes of Swedes pop onto their balconies, troop out to their backyards or head into the wilds with their grillars (barbecue), stacks of meat and bottles of mustard. (It had come to my attention that Swedes use a phenomenal amount of mustard.)

The weather here in Borås has been abysmal recently, so yesterday, the 1st of May, was our first chance to indulge in some warm-ish weather and cook outside.

The lake near our home was brimming with short sleeved Swedes and smoking grills, so Sebastian, little Tyra and I headed out of town to do our BBQing, armed with burgers, buns and hotdogs. (Sebastian later reeled off a list of other foods that you would normally find at a Swedish BBQ. I used our BBQ as a practice run for the inevitable future grilling events this summer.)


Our BBQ was one Sebastian had stored away in his rehearsal space…the grill required some  cleaning in the river before we could cover it with burgers and sausages.


Sebastian has taught me so much about the art of seasoning…when you think you’ve added too much, add some more.


Sebastian told me that burgers taste best when topped with potato salad. He wasn’t wrong. This burger was one of the richest, most succulent, most scrumptious burgers that I’ve ever had the pleasure of devouring.


We ate hotdogs too…with potato salad, of course.


Sometimes though, the hot dog bread bun is enough.


Little Tyra with the IKEA hund Sebastian treated her to when we made a pilgrimage to the  Göteborg store at the weekend.


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