Putting My Trust In A New Friend’s Hands

For quite some time I had been thinking about getting a hair cut, but a few things held me back – the prices hairdressers charge in Sweden and fear…fear of change.


My hair had been the same for almost my entire teenage and adult life, and I was comfortable with what I had – waist length black hair and no fringe. But then something shifted inside, and I suddenly found myself eager to get the cut done.


Barely a day after my split with hesitation, I spent some time with Briggi, a friend of mine. The moment we met I noticed something was different…she had also been overcome with an impulse to cut her waist length hair too, and had done so, cutting it to her shoulders. And she looked stunning for it.

My friend Briggi is a Transylvanian living here in Borås with her Swedish partner (and Sebastian’s best friend) and their eight month old daughter Isa. She was one of the first friends I made here in Sweden, and she has helped me to adjust to the Swedish ways. I truly value our blossoming relationship and each moment we have together is – like the short Swedish summer – fully enjoyed and treasured.

After seeing what a beautiful job Briggi had done with her hair, I asked how she would feel about taking her scissors to my hair. I should mention that my hair is very much a part of me, so I wouldn’t have asked just anyone to hack it off.

But I trusted Briggi implicitly, and was more than happy to place my hair in her gentle hands. And I’m so glad I did because she did a beautiful job cutting off 28 centimeters and shaping a fringe for me. I thought that I would miss the length, but if I’m being perfectly honest, I’m truly relishing the freedom that shorter hair gives. Since I was gifted with this new style, I’ve uncovered a confidence I never knew existed, and the trust I put in my friend has enabled our relationship to strengthen, develop and bloom.


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