I Always Make Time For Fika

I always make time for Fika in the afternoon! It helps to keep me motivated knowing that I have a treat coming at around 3pm. Over the past few months I’ve become just a bit obsessed with kardemummabullar, and my palate nowadays is preferring the taste of cardamom over cinnamon. (For some reason I feel a tad guilty about this, as though preferring another spice over cinnamon is, like, a really bad thing.)

But it seems like the rest of Borås has been craving cardamom too, as the  kardemummabullar have been sold out whenever I’ve gone to hunt some down. So today it was kanelbullar instead. From my experience kanelbullar are usually a bit dry when they come already packaged, but the god’s decided that I was due a good time, because this cute thing was so soft and fresh it almost melted in my mouth.

I’m also a little bit in love with the mini Swedish flags on toothpicks that I see popping up everywhere. So when I saw them for sale in the supermarket at only 20 kroner for 40 I plucked them up and stowed them away in my basket. I even saved the little one I used here. I didn’t have the heart to throw it away.

The little wooden plate (or coaster…) was found for 10 kroner at one of the three thrift stores I visited today. There were five others, all different shapes and sizes, but, being a responsible adult and thinking about my budget, I put them back. Not going to lie though, I’m keeping my fingers crossed they’ll still be there on my next thrifting trip…



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