Fika With Wasabröd

I’ve been fond of crackerbread, or knäckebröd as they call it in Sweden (though Sebastian’s family call it hardbread) since childhood, when we always had half a dozen open packets lurking in the cupboards.

It’s more than likely that you would have seen the Wasabröd brand at some point, as this Swedish born company holds the position of the largest producer of Scandinavian crispbread in the world. There’s a great little video to watch here about the history of Wasa.

Way back when, knäckebröd was seen as the poor man’s choice, but apparently, 85% of Swedes have this fibre fueled snack in their houses nowadays. At Sebastian’s family home, knäckebröd is brought out for practically every meal.

We always have a double packet of the Wasa Sport + variety at home, and after my run in the morning I like to top one slice with cottage cheese. With the slice being so thick and crunchy and studded with seeds, it always feels like I’m having a treat instead of a healthy snack. Today I felt like satisfying my sweet tooth, so added a few raisins, and sprinkled some cinnamon on top of the cottage cheese.






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