Fika With Leksands Knäcke

I set myself a challenge the other night, a rather delicious but some may consider strange challenge, and that is to nibble my way through every variety of knäckebröd in Sweden.

Whenever we’re food shopping I find myself in front of the knäckebröd wall completely transfixed. Walk into an English supermarket and you’ll find half a dozen varieties of crackerbread available in among the biscuits. Walk into a Swedish supermarket and this delicious Swedish staple has its own aisle.  

As money is something we don’t have much of, I’m always eagle eyed in the store, ready to land on knäckebröd which is on offer. Odin was looking down with his good eye the other day, because I was able to stock up on a packet of Leskands Knäcke for less than 10 Krona.


This traditional rye crispbread is a Swedish classic. You just need to look at the beautiful packaging  – featuring the quintessential Dalahäst (Dala Horse) – to see that. Heck, I didn’t even want to open the paper packet at first because it’s so pleasing to the eye. I even considered finding a way to preserve the packaging when all the contents have been eaten.

Leskands is the second largest bakery in Sweden, but this doesn’t, in any way, diminish the quality of their knäckebröd. Made using traditional family recipes, rye with the Swedish Seal of Quality and fresh water from their own spring, Leskands knäckebröd light and crisp yet has a wonderfully hearty flavour. 

It’s popular to serve Leksands Knäcke for breakfast here in Sweden, with butter, a squiggle of Kalles Kaviar, boiled eggs and cheese. Though I opted for a morning Fika with mine.


I’m an advocate for the triangle shape of Leksands Knäcke Normalgraddat. It makes for simple serving and wonderfully easy eating. They make the shape by cutting round cakes into triangle portions. I topped mine with applemos (apple sauce) and a sprinkle of cinnamon.Well, slightly more than a sprinkle. What can I say…I love cinnamon!


The sweetness of the apple and spice works beautifully with the light, savoury taste of the  Normalgraddat variety. It was hard to stop at one portion! I’m not a coffee lover, so I team with treat with a cup of English Breakfast Tea. (Liptons, because we can’t get Yorkshire Tea here in Sweden.)


Leksland has  other varieties of knäckebröd from my last count. I’m particularly looking forward to getting my teeth into the Mountain Crispbread Sourdough variety, that has been baked with sourdough, malt and linseed which results in a chewier texture. Let the  knäckebröd obsession continue!


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