May Was A Beautiful & Busy Month

This time last year, I never would have thought that I’d be living in Sweden. I never would have thought that I could be so deeply in love with another human being and with life.

Sometimes, I find myself stopping short in my tracks – I can be anywhere, in the supermarket, walking in the forest, moving to the kitchen to make a cup of tea – and smiling to myself, smiling because I’m living in Sweden, smiling because I have a man who completes me, and is helping me to loosen off my hard shell, and emerge from the tight cave that I’ve existed in for so many years.  I say existed because up until this year, I had never truly lived.

May was the month I opened up to growth, and allowed myself to fully experience everything that life and my relationship had to offer. ‘No’ was a word that rarely existed in my vocabulary, and I felt a freedom that has enabled me to love every day with my whole heart. Thank you May, it was a pleasure.


I enjoyed my first Swedish BBQ…


I put my trust in a friend’s hands and had a fringe cut.


I discovered that I really, really, really enjoy Leksands Knäcke.


I continued with my regular explorations of the forest.


I had a second very successful thrifting trip


Sebastian and I went fishing.


And ate Sebastian’s mother’s outrageously delicious rhubarb pie.


I admired the hardwood floors in Sebastian’s family home…h6_635996776691767410_Afterlight_Edit.jpg

…and the little details.


I had a Fika (or two) every day…including one in the forest.


I witnessed some atmospheric skies.


But I think the crowning glory of May was when I caught my man in action when he performed live in Gothenburg with his band Rimfrost.

I have a list of things that I wish to accomplish in June, but I’ll save that list for another post. If there’s anything you’d be interested to see on the blog, feel free to drop me a note!


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