Thrift Haul

My latest thrift haul from Erikshjälpen and Myrorna saw me come away with some pieces of clothing that a few weeks ago I never would have even considered wearing. Pieces that don’t adhere to my usual strict dark uniform.

I’ve lost count of the the amount of times I’ve said ‘I’d wear it if it was black…’ I’ve lusted after so many items that I’ve refused to buy because of the fact they weren’t dark. I’ve always been infatuated with the ‘farmgirl’ look, and the Old Swedish ‘farm culture style,’ which has been so beautifully interpreted by Swedish clothing line Ewa i Walla. But I’ve never had the guts to be able to indulge because of my refusal to put on something that wasn’t black. (I did buy a couple of grey scarves and a white dress a few months ago, and they have been helping to ease me into this new stage of my life where I’m opening myself up to all kinds of new experiences with my personal style.

Sebastian has been gently encouraging me to be more adventurous with what I wear, so I have him to thank for me taking the plunge, and going out thrifting with a real purpose the other day – to find some coloured clothing that I could love and learn to wear. I was very lucky that a couple of pieces satisfy my lust for Old Swedish style.



The dress you’ve just been looking at very nearly didn’t come into my possession. Fortunately, I had the inkling to stop and look at the rail outside the changing room where everyone dumps the clothes that they tried on and didn’t want. This beautifully made, fully lined, 100% cotton summer dress was for sale at 60 krona, and gives me a little bit of that farmgirl look that I was after. The lines and soft blue also sings to me of Sweden.



I actually left this skirt originally, but had to go back and get it because I couldn’t get it out of my head. I’ve always had a soft spot for tartan, but, again, have never had it in me to wear it…until now. The length is perfect (long skirts always do it for me), it’s full and voluminous and so bloody comfy I can hardly believe it. And the pockets…they’re one of the best things about this piece. The older I get, the more I love pockets on skirts, and the feel they give to the piece…again, it’s that farmgirl thing.  It’s also 100% cotton and for 45 Krona I could not complain.



From the second I laid eyes on this dress, there wasn’t a moment of doubt about whether or not it was going to come home with me. The style has, I think, a real witchy vibe going on, which I think is actually heightened by the plum shade. There’s several different materials at work here, and I was, I have to admit, a bit surprised to learn it was originally from Lindex, one of the leading fashion chains in Europe. From the look and feel of it, you’d think it was handmade in a candle lit shop in Gamla Stan. I bagged it for 65 Krona.



And now for something completely different. I picked up this what can only be described as a ‘bizarrely sexy’ top because it looked like armour, and every woman needs armour. I haven’t been able to find any tags or labels, so can’t tell you where it’s from or what it’s made of, but for 45 Krona, it was going in my basket.



And finally, this rather sleek and bad ass little number. Originally from Missguided, this skirt came into my life for 50 Krona. I’m not very experienced with ‘doing sexy’ so I’ll probably wear it around the house to practise how to sit down without flashing my underwear to the world.




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