A Trip Out To Borås Djurpark

We usually have to keep our purse strings very tight, but yesterday Sebastian and I voted for a day at the Borås Djurpark with little Tyra, our friend Briggi and her baby daughter Isa, and I can tell you, hand on heart, it was worth every  krona.

The zoo is practically on our doorstep, and sometimes it’s possible to hear the monkeys screeching…though I’ve yet to hear them.

I was bowled over by how beautifully well kept the place was, as well as the sizeable enclosures that each species had. I’ve visited many zoos in a number of different countries, and Borås Djurpark has impressed me the most with its attention to the animals needs.

I was particularly impressed with the bear enclosure, which provided vast amounts of green space and running water for the several brown bears to roam and enjoy life in.

In 2012 I visited Tallinn Zoo in Estonia, and was devastated to see awe inspiring animals such as the polar bear trapped in a minute concrete enclosure, with nothing but a crude water pool and a beach ball for entertainment.

I don’t know if Tallinn zoo has made improvements since I visited – I truly hope so – but I felt a tug in my heart when I was observing the bears yesterday who were clearly content in their surroundings. I was ecstatic, of course, to be getting so close to an animal for which I had such great admiration for, but simultaneously I was thinking of the polar bear back in Estonia, and wondered if he was still pacing his grim, concrete enclosure.

Sadly I didn’t get the opportunity to spy on the grey wolves. My reckoning tells me they were wisely dozing in the shadows, well away from the sun and the fence.


I was so close to this African bush elephant that had I really wanted to, I could have reached out and touched his inquisitive trunk.


Sweden isn’t the first place that comes to mind when you look at this photograph…African Savannah more like. What I really respect about the zoo is their focus on ensuring that the animals environment is as  close to their natural habitat as possible.


Though sometimes, the boulders and the flowers gives its Nordic setting away…



The highlight of the trip for me was getting to see the brown bears or brunbjörn. They were incredibly active, especially considering how sweltering the heat was. Where Sebastian is from in Värmland, these handsome creatures roam the forests alongside grey wolves.


I caught this little fellow in the children’s area of the zoo, darting around in the sunshine.



The children’s area of the zoo was such a joy to experience. I’m one of those who melts in the presence of goats, so relished each moment spent close to these horned beauties.


Horses always have a mystical air about them, don’t you think?


As we were leaving the zoo, I caught sight of the lion price on the prowl. Moments after I paused by their enclosure they settled themselves down and I was able to capture these glorious shots.

For prices and more information about the zoo, head to their website.


One thought on “A Trip Out To Borås Djurpark

  1. So glad the animals were content in their environment.It does look to be a very good zoo.I felt bad when I went to Berlin Zoo.It had the same horrid enclosures as Tallin ten years ago.Hopefully it has improved.


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