Currently Obsessed With Blåbärssoppa

One of my favourite things at the moment is blåbärssoppa. Made from blueberries, starch and sugar,  this delicious, and outrageously sweet treat is so rich in energy that it’s commonly served to tired out skiers on the slopes.

If you feel like making some yourself, you can find a fantastic recipe for it here. I love to drink blåbärssoppa straight from the fridge, or mix it with some kvarg at breakfast time. I’ve still to try it warm, but I’m going to wait for a rainy day to do that. 


I intend to make my own blåbärssoppa when the blueberries start to appear in the forest, but until then I’m enjoying Ekströms!


Blåbärssoppa mixed with kvarg is so beautiful I almost don’t want to eat it…






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