Fika With Wasa Kanel

And so the knäckebröd obsession continues! This time with something I’ve been eying up for a while now…Wasa Kanel. In case you haven’t been here before, I’m attracted to anything containing cinnamon.

The reason I hadn’t sampled these before now was the price. 18 krona (at IKA) felt a bit steep, but if I’d only picked the packet up I would have known immediately that I was getting a good deal. These rustic looking cracker rounds might be slim but they fill a void! One is more than enough for a snack. In hindsight, they were actually excellent value and worth every krona. From now on, there will always be a packet in the cupboard.

Wheat based and baked to perfection, they taste – and feel – like really well-done cinnamon toast. I eat them by themselves with some cold milk, but I’m always open to ideas of what I can combine them with.



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