Five Months Have Passed


Five months have passed since Sebastian and I made our relationship official, and my life has been transformed into something beautiful and deeply fulfilling.

It’s sometimes difficult to believe that this wonderful life, in a gorgeous part of Sweden is happening to me, a woman who has been plagued with bad luck for the majority of her life. Sometimes I need to pinch myself, hard, just to make sure that I’m not trapped in a coma.

But hell, I can’t stop the smiles from pouring off my face today!

Every single moment that I’m conscious, I’m grateful that this incredible human being came into my life. He’s enabled me to re-learn what it is to truly live, and I can safely say that I’ve never been so much myself in all of my adult life. Sebastian has found the ‘personal Katie’ after years of her being lost and forgotten about. And you know what? I actually really like her.

Sebastian and I have learned so much about each other, yet the things that drew us to one another in the first place are just as prominent. We make each other laugh, we finish each others sentences, we know when the other one isn’t feeling so good, we regularly think the same thoughts at the same time, we always support each other be it with the cooking or with our creative work, we get kicks out of horror movies and good metal, we love escaping the city for the wilderness, we enjoy silence, we relish just being in the same space even if we’re just cuddled up doing and saying nothing. I know he likes to have his space when he gets in from work, and he knows that sometimes I feel the need to hide my face when I’ve just woken up and look like death on a bad day. I know that he likes to just be quiet in the morning, and he knows that I need several hours to get ready if we’re going out. (Exaggeration!) And all the rest…

We have a balance in our relationship that I’ve never had before in previous partnerships, and it’s recently dawned on me that it’s taken nearly 30 years for me to figure out what really makes things work between a couple. But, if I’m being perfectly honest, I’m glad to have had the rough and rocky mountains to climb because they’ve strengthened me as a woman as well as a romantic partner.

I know five months together doesn’t usually call for a ‘big announcement,’ but I wanted to celebrate what we’ve created together anyway. This blog is all about observing the good things in life, no matter when they occur. Jag älskar dig Sebastian!





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