June Was An Invigorating & Inspiring Month

July 1st already? It seems only hours ago that I was telling you about the month of May.

June was a month where I let loose and had fun. Lots and lots of fun. My relationship with Tyra continued to develop  and grow stronger by the day, which made my heart sour to entirely new heights.

I re-connected with people close to me, and learned, on a deeper level, how my man works. My fear of colour was challenged when I found some clothes that I loved that didn’t happen to be black, and I was also introduced to the beautiful celebration of Midsummer, which was the crowning glory of the past 30 days. Thank you June, you were wonderful.


I managed to uncover some great thrift finds,  and I introduced some colour into my wardrobe.


We took a day trip out to Borås Zoo


…and I ate my first Svenska jordubbar


had a wonderful reunion with a good friend


…and developed a taste for blåbärssoppa.


I became obsessed with Wasa Kanel.


I started writing for budget Swedish travel site Routes North. (My first article for them was about the Swedish artist John Bauer.)


My relationship with Little Tyra continued to progress…


I celebrated five months with Sebastian!


I took part in my very first Swedish Midsummer


…and treated myself to a haircut to round off the month.


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