My Favourite Photos From July


Sebastian and his step-father Peter picking harvesting blueberries in the forests of Hagfors. The contraption they’re using is called a Jonas Berry Picker. You rake it through the bushes – while gently coaxing the berries – and it plucks them for you.


Sebastian’s hand after blueberry picking.


I tried smultron berries for the very first time. Another name for them is Hideaways. They have a unique, very purfumey taste.


The first blueberries we picked this season in a beautiful, hand painted basket I picked up from a second hand store for 30 kroner.


Sebastian’s mother Pia and his step-father Peter cleaning blueberries. It’s actually an incredibly relaxing and enjoyable activity…believe it or not! And it’s ever so satisfying when you have a big bowl of shining, leaf free berries ready to be bagged up and frozen.


Deep in the forests of Värmland…it looks like a gnome has come along and taken a slice out of this mushroom.


My very first kanelbullar! Rough but still beautiful and, not meaning to blow my own trumpet, but they tasted divine.


Caught while hurrying to a friend’s house…


Relishing the rare sun that shines in Borås.


Sebastian and I walking through the woods of his childhood.


I feel so blessed to have been welcomed into Sebastian’s family. Here we are out walking in the woods of Hagfors.


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