Back In The Forest

I haven’t been too well recently, a dodgy throat and a cough that refuses to go away. But today I wanted to run and set off with every intention of doing that. But before long, my chest felt under pressure, so I slowed down for a walk and took a detour off the main path, down a trail not so often used.

I’m usually a speedy walker, wanting to get everywhere yesterday, but I found myself slowing down, slowing down enough that I was able to experience the forest as it ought to be experienced – with all my senses wide awake.

I saw the dew bundled on the leaves like tears, toadstools with their red caps eaten to the white. At one moment, out of the corner of my eye, I saw something between the trees – it was a buck, his antlers just coming through. We held eye contact for about ten seconds before he bounded away in that special, silent way.

My camera is usually with me everywhere, though on this occasion, I feel glad to have left it behind. It’s nice to have some memories which are only mine.


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