Livslogga #1

Livslogga translates to ‘Life Log,’ and I thought it would make the perfect title for this mini photographic series that I’m going to do…

On the 7th of September I’ll be turning 30, so I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to share 30 of my favourite photographs taken here in Sweden.


I can’t imagine starting with another image. This was the very first portrait I took of Sebastian and I on the 22nd of January, the day we ‘went public’ with out relationship.

Just before we kissed for this, Sebastian had taken me for my first experience of the forest that I would soon call home. I can remember the silence between the trees, how the snow dampened the noise of the world. I can remember that I hardly paused for breath and laughed until my ribs ached. I can remember feeling almost overwhelmed by the magnificence of the Swedish winter. I can remember that I thought to myself ‘I have never felt so happy as I do right now.’ I felt as though I would need another heart to carry all the love.

We were moments away from home when I realised that I couldn’t let up the opportunity to capture the both of us in front of this colossal, beautiful wall of ice.



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