Vacation Time

The Swedes really know how to vacation. To be honest, I think Scandinavia has the whole vacation thing pretty well mastered. In England we’re a bit rubbish at taking a break. We don’t really know what it is to relax. I think the fact that over here a vacation lasts doubly as long as it does in England is a big contributing factor as to why and how the Swedes can kick back so effectively. In England you’re back to work before you’ve had time to kick back on the deckchair with a burger and a beer.

Well, my first vacation here with Sebastian has opened me up. It’s chipped away my uptight attitude, an attitude that I gripped onto with such force, and changed me for the better. I took a step back from my work  – something I couldn’t have done before – so I could indulge in my man’s company. We spent whole weeks with hardly a few hours apart which has meant that we’ve come to know each other on a deep and wonderful and exhilarating level. We learned about each others weaknesses and strengths. We both become better at listening, and helping each other to be the best we can be. We learned to better understand what makes the other one tick. We discussed at length what we want from our future, and how we hope to get there. Both of us sometimes struggle to sit still, but this vacation has enabled quiet moments where we have been able to just enjoy each other. (And Netflix).

And I fell deeper and deeper and deeper in love. This continually growing, beautiful, all encompassing love is the most valuable thing to me, and never has anything felt so natural.

Yesterday we went out canoeing and managed to get caught in a rainstorm as we floated in the middle of a lake. We were soaked to the skin in a matter of minutes. I should have been somewhat anxious out there as the rain thundered down on us and our little canoe, but I couldn’t have been calmer. My hair was plastered to my scalp, my makeup was making its way south and my camera was at great risk, but I laughed. I felt safe. I felt so euphoric that nothing but the moment mattered.

This vacation has helped me grow in more ways than I can count. Thank you, my man, and thank you beautiful Sweden.



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