After A Swedish Summer…

Vacation in Sweden is about good food and relaxing as I mentioned in previous posts…and it was freaking wonderful to just say ‘yeah, lets BBQ’ or ‘yeah, lets get a pizza’ or ‘yeah, lets sit on the couch all day watching Netflix’ or ‘yeah, BBQ again? Potato salad too? On the burger you say? Why the hell not!’ Fortunately I don’t look like a potato after all this good stuff and minimal exercise, (I think my busy brain keeps the weight off) but I’m wanting to build myself up into something that sort of resembles Red Sonja. (From the film).



So today I started lifting weights again (probably incorrectly because they’re big and I’m small) and all the rest of it. I also started on protein shakes (StarNutrition Whey – 80 Vanilla Flavoured, in case you’re wondering) because I want to be like Red Sonja soon. As you can see by my perfectly positioned milkshake bottle (it’s not actually mine, but the mans), I’m feeling pretty hardcore right now. My arms, I have to say (please ignore the scruffy hair…I had been working out) are looking rather gunnish considering I haven’t been lifting anything but my tea cup, burger buns and crisps for ages. I’ll be reporting back with my progress.


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