My 60 Kroner Outfit

Emmaus Björkå had a humongous sale going on the other day. There was rail after rail of offerings for 20 kroner. To be honest, I almost started hyperventilating I was that damn excited about the possibilities of what I could find. I felt a freedom completely unlike what I felt when I first started thrifting in Sweden. A freedom to pick up whatever the hell I wanted, no matter what colour it was.

A few weeks back, I fell upon a deep forest green dress that screamed Game Of Thrones. But, at 100 kroner it was out of my price range, so I reluctantly hung it back up and left. Imagine how I felt when I landed upon on for the satisfyingly small sum of 20 kroner. Needless to say it went straight in my basket. It’s one of these dresses that, although absolutely beautiful, it needs something to clinch it around the waist else I’d end up looking a bit like a tent. For this outfit, I’ve teamed it up with a belt that I found a couple of months ago for 40 kroner.

Feeling totally comfortable in a colour is not something I expected would ever happen after being devoted to black for fifteen years…but forest green feels right, it feels me.



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