My 40 Kronor Thrift Haul

I’m imagining that your eyebrows went skywards when you saw this post headline. A haul for 40 kronor? Is that even possible in Sweden? Well Emmaus Björkå made it so. The sale, which has been going on for a few weeks started off at 30 kroner, then 20, then 10 and the other day 5. Everything you see here was 5 kroner, except for the tartan scarf. That was 10. I’m something of a scarf hoarder. I’ve never liked having a cold neck, and the comfort that comes when I’m wearing a scarf is something I’m attached to. And with autumn slowly closing in, there’s no better time to increase my hoard. 

If you’ve been reading my previous posts about thrifting you’ll know that I’ve been experimenting more with colour. I’ve been giving myself permission to edge away from black to time to time. 





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