Rimfrost Documentary

I may have mentioned it once or twice before, but my man is the the vocalist and guitarist from Swedish Black Metal band Rimfrost.  (Hah, once or twice? We know it’s considerably more than that….but what can I say? I’m a proud girlfriend!) Several months ago, when we were walking in the forests surrounding his home town of Hagfors, we conceived an idea to make a documentary about the band.

Now, most Black Metal documentaries are renowned for being thoroughly misanthropic, but this documentary is something else entirely because Rimfrost are not your typical Black Metal band. If I’ve managed to rouse your curiosity, click the video below, settle back and enjoy an untypical insight into one the most exciting Black Metal band creating in Sweden today.


3 thoughts on “Rimfrost Documentary

  1. That was untypical indeed 🙂 Sort of a touch of Twin Peaks (my favorite show of all times)… What other bands do you like? I don’t often listen to classic black metal but I like bands like Alcest 🙂

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