Re-shaping How I Take My Fika

The longer I live in Sweden, the more obsessed I become about the Swedish concept of Fika – those moments during the day when you stop, take a coffee (or in my case milk and tea) and something sweet and start breathing again.

I’ve been taking my Fika at my desk with (almost exclusively) kanelboller for nearly nine months now. However, while my heart will always be cinnamon flavoured, I’ve been playing with the idea of exploring other ways to enjoy this more-then-just-a-break moment.

Though I’m madly passionate about taking time out to re-connect, I have the tendency to hurry through my Fika, to shovel down my kanelboller and throw back my milk, rather than fully savouring everything about the moment. Basically I go against the whole Fika ethos of appreciating the moment. So I want to start again with a clean slate. I want to forget those rushed minutes when I hardly even tasted my kanelboller. I never want to take another Fika for granted.  This coming week, through a seven day series, I’ll be re-shaping my approach to Fika and fully appreciating the value it can bring to my life.

If you have any Fika food recommendations, or anything at all to say about this wonderful aspect of Swedish culture, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.



4 thoughts on “Re-shaping How I Take My Fika

  1. My nr 1 fika is coffee and Marabou Mjölkchoklad 🙂 I take my fika either in precious solitude or while talking about silly things with any of my favorite co-workers 🙂

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