Re-shaping Fika : We Made Leaf Roses & Ate Plenty Of Cinnamon

Today Little Tyra was coughing and sneezing so had to come home from daycare early. I’m used to spending much of the day by myself at home, but having Sebastian and the lovely little one home hours before they usually would be, I quickly tried to think of something that we could do together that I could incorporate with Fika.

I remembered the other week when Sebastian linked me to a photo of roses crafted entirely from leaves, so I headed to YouTube and found a wonderfully simple tutorial. We live on the edge of the forest, so once I had found a tree that had shed large enough leaves it took a matter of minutes to fill up a bag with autumn’s offerings. The colours that autumn delivers never ceases to fill me with wonder and the older I get, the more I value the beauty of a fallen leaf.

Making the leaf roses was almost effortless, and the results, nothing short of breathtaking. I could sit quite happily all day folding and wrapping these fallen, wild things and crafting them entirely new lives.

Little Tyra and Sebastian needed to nip out, so I was on my own for the food part of our Fika. Yesterday’s recipe was indulgent, so I decided to take something a little healthier today. These colder months call for the use plenty of warm spices in cooking, especially cinnamon. So I decided to go all out with my favourite spice and took out two Wasa Kanel (I always have these in the cupboard) and made a little concoction that I’ve put together before of Philadelphia Light, a sprinkle of cinnamon and half a tea spoon of sugar. Accompanied by a cup of *Yorkshire Tea, it made for a perfect autumn pause.

*I don’t do coffee, but I’m hoping that my vast and consistent intake of cinnamon makes up for this sacrilege.



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