Re-shaping Fika : Fudge & A New Novel

After months of waiting, I was finally called to an interview today in connection with the Swedish For Immigrants course. It went well, mostly, aside from the moments of brain freeze where I promptly forgot pretty much everything that I could write in Swedish.

My concentration is improving after having been on my medication for a little over a month, but I think I could have prepared myself much better had I known the sort of things that were going to be asked of me. I’m a bit of a perfectionist and getting something wrong hurts much more than it should. On a lighter, more exciting note now I just waiting on the call to tell me when I’m able to start the course.

I felt like I needed something a bit sickly sweet when I returned home, so I rummaged around in the candy bag Sebastian brought home the other day and picked out the fudge he bought for me. I paired it up with a new novel that I took out from the library – Goldengrove by Francine Prose, a story about a young girl facing loss after the untimely death of her sister. The novel is set in America, though ideally I would love to be enveloping myself in stories set here in Sweden. But finding them translated into English at the library here in BorÃ¥s is, sadly, difficult. On the bright side, they have books in English and for that I’m so bloody grateful!




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