Re-Shaping Fika : Mandelkubb & The Skogstroll

This morning I asked Sebastian what I ought to do for Fika, and he told me to Google mandelkubb. I spent some time scrolling through Google Images thinking to myself, ‘well now, these are rather modest looking pastries,’ but I trust my Swede, and his taste buds, so while out grocery shopping I picked some up.

Fika didn’t happen in the afternoon, instead it took place at around 7.30 in the evening, after I’d returned from a photo shoot in the dark woods. (I was a troll…)


My hands were chilled to the bone on arrival, and I was hankering for hot tea and something sweet, so ripped into the packet of ‘modest looking pastries.’

Baked using predominantly almonds – and being something of a marzipan enthusiast – I knew just from the smell that I was just about to bite into something that would become a new addiction. And I wasn’t wrong. Modest they looked, but the taste was anything but.

The soft texture was a wonderful surprise, and the sugar nibs on top provided just the right amount of crunch. I thought it only fit after photographing myself as a troll, that I used Sebastian’s Theodor Kittelsen Skogstroll mug for my cherished Yorkshire Tea. Believe me when I say this stuff is cherished. I never waste a drop…!





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