Re-shaping Fika : Morotskaka & Crafting

When I first started this Re-shaping Fika series one lovely reader recommended I indulge in some morotskaka (carrot cake) and, as luck would have it, on Saturday Little Tyra’s Mother Erzabet, who’s also my good friend and fellow creative-in-action over at The Divine Weirdos, invited me over for some crafting and morotskaka.

I knew that the Swedes baked the best cinnamon buns. I knew that they made the best chocolate. But I didn’t know they made the best carrot cake too. Friends, if you can get your hands on a morotskaka from Hägges, do so. (It’s available at ICA). As well as devouring multiple slices of cake, Erzabet provided a hefty sack of godis! Saturday has an alternative name here in Sweden – Lördagsgodis, and the day involves the consumption of vast mountains of candy by children and adults alike. I’m currently finding it really difficult to stay away from Marabou Chocolate (the variety here is packed with pieces of Oreo), a brand which has been around in Sweden since 1916, long enough to perfect their craft.

We spent the afternoon at the kitchen table – surrounded by little reminders that Halloween is on its way –  making props for a photoshoot that we’d be doing the following day in the forest…photos of that coming soon.

Taking Fika with Little Tyra and Erzabet rounded up my little series perfectly. I’ve developed my appreciation for ‘the moment,’ spent more time with those I love and expanded my knowledge of Swedish sweet treats. I couldn’t have asked for more! Fika, I’ve discovered, plays an invaluable role here on The Girl With Cold Hands, and I’m looking forward to seeing where my exploration will take me from here…



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