Halloween Celebrations At Liseberg

Halloween is something of a big deal here for the Svedlund household. It’s been the main topic of conversation for all of October so far – and I wouldn’t want it any other way!

Little Tyra’s mother Erzabeth turned twenty nine yesterday, and to celebrate she suggested we make a trip to Liseberg  – an amusement park in Gothenburg that’s been pumping Swedes with adrenaline since 1923 – and experience their Halloween celebration.

So last night, Sebastian, Little Tyra, Erzabeth and I bundled up against the October chill (it’s getting really cold now in Sweden), and headed to Gothenburg. Having never been to a theme park around Halloween I wasn’t clued up on what to expect, which is how I like it.

I can remember a little while ago Sebastian telling me that Halloween wasn’t all that important to the average Swede, well I beg to differ! A festival atmosphere greeted us the moment we walked through the gates. A troop of unsettling scarecrows, and a vast number of pumpkins – we’re talking thousands – decorated the pathways (along with piles of other autumnal vegetables paying homage to the harvest season). As we made our way from one area of the park to another, the theme went from countryside harvest to post apocalyptic with District Z, where the dead were waiting for us among burnt out cars and buses. Little Tyra was hardly phased by the zombies that lurched in our direction.

Liseberg’s festivities left me feeling like I never want to neglect Halloween again, and I’m already planning how I would love to see in next years celebration.





















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