Hello Winter, I’ve Missed You

I felt winter in the air during the last week of October, but couldn’t quite get my head around the fact that it was coming so quickly. It seems as though October was but a beautiful, brief moment. Though it’s sad to see the leaves loose their vibrancy and shape, I feel my energy start to rise as the temperature drops, ever steadily, by the day. Winter is my season, my home, my heart.

I’ve heard people complain about turning back the clocks, but I’m in love with these dark, early evenings. Last night it started to snow when I was running in the forest, and after getting home, I routinely turned to the window to see if it was still coming down.

To experience happiness doesn’t take much – waking up to snow on the ground and in the sky is enough to keep my optimism bubbling all day. I went to visit the forest as soon as I was able, to capture the beginning of its majestic transformation.






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