Winter Has Always Been My Season


Winter has always been my season. It’s when I feel most myself. I am at my most creative during these dark months. The darkness has forever been more of a friend than a foe. I thrive in the dark, and also find comfort in its unfathomable depths.

Today I spent my first winter solstice in Sweden. I celebrated by surrounding myself with words, art and music and eating vörtbröd, a wheat/rye bread that’s been sweetened and flavoured with malt and spices. All Swedes eat it around Jul.

Despite the troubles of the past few months, when one agonizing day blurred into another, when I tried to sleep away the depression and anxiety, I’m relieved that I’m no longer always a prisoner to my mind. I’m having more days where there are moments hazy with joy. Where I make things I’m proud of, and people reach out to me, and let me know they’re there for me and always will be.

I’ve made the decision that this will be a winter of true renewal. I envisage myself growing stronger with the cold.

Warmth and love to you this winter solstice.


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