My Week In Photographs

The beginning of the week saw the return of the sun, after several days of murky weather. I hiked long and far in the forest, quietly rejoicing whenever I caught sight of golden sunlight illuminating a pine bough. Many times I stopped in my tracks, just wanting to watch until the clouds shifted across the face of the sun and the golden display disappeared. I’d never before paid attention to how sun rays land on branches, and the sun had never bewitched me before I ventured into the forest on that sun drenched day.


I’ve spent a long time trying to find an online Swedish course which suits me. The beginning of the week saw me find one, and I began my Swedish language training. One of the very first pieces of advice that I read was this…


The past few weeks have been manic, but this week I managed to get back into a project which I’ve been working on for quite some time. My Other Shadows is a project where I take a self-portrait every day for one hundred days. (If you’re interested in seeing more of my portraits, I have them all posted here.) This is portrait number thirty five, and the one I’m probably most happiest with.


I spent a great deal of time with the Elsa Beskow book that I borrowed from the library, turning the pages as carefully as I did when I was a child. Memories came flooding back…of when I would sit cross legged in front of the fire, quietly absorbed in the gentle stories.


Before I came to Sweden, I nabbed about 100 Yorkshire Tea bags from my parent’s kitchen cupboard. Sadly, this week my stash ran out. Unfortunately, Yorkshire Tea isn’t sold in Sweden but they do sell the next best thing – Liptons Yellow Label.


One of the things I adore about Swedes is their love for lighting up windows in the evenings. Here in Borås, it’s extremely rare to see a window not lit up at night. It’s also a rarity for Swedes to have curtains or blinds pulled across the glass, even in the evening. Walking the streets of our neighborhood after dark always feels so special, and puts me in an almost festive mood, despite the fact that spring is hiding just around the corner.


Today I launched The Girl With Cold Hands shop, selling photography I have featured here on the blog. This is a really exciting venture for me, and I’m hoping to add new products to the store on an almost daily basis.

BeFunky Collage.jpg



My Week In Photographs

One of the first things to grab my attention when I stepped into the apartment in Borås was a set of cushions, scattered across Sebastian’s sofa in the living room. Each cushion had been carefully stitched with kings of the northern forests, including this moose. I’ve become increasingly attached as the weeks have passed, and I can’t imagine this little home without them.


Every time I take a walk in the forest, there is something particularly special that has me stop in my tracks. A few days ago it happened to be this felled tree, and its smooth crown of snow.


I will try anything and everything nowadays, and there’s very few foods that I don’t enjoy. However, on a rare occasion I’ll find myself regretting my no fear attitude. This was the case with the popular Swedish sandwich topper Kalles Kaviar. Made from fish roe, the recipe dates back hundreds of years and can be found in fridges all across Sweden. Sebastian eats it as shown below. (Though most Swedes eat it with boiled eggs).

With a foolish confidence, I squeezed some of the pink goo onto a spoon and ate it on its own. Big mistake. I quickly had my head under the kitchen tap. Kalles Kaviar was the fishiest, saltiest thing I’d ever swallowed, and unlike the Norwegian brunost which I am sure I will one day love, there’s not a chance that I’ll be putting Kalles Kaviar anywhere near my mouth again.


I knew I’d found the right man when I went into his cupboards and found glasses decorated with animals found in the Swedish forests. I’ve always been one for small, special details in the home, and drinking milk out of these glasses never fails to make me smile.


Sebastian and I spent our very first Valentines Day together yesterday and much of it was spent in the library. I ought to mention that libraries are valuable to me, so when Sebastian was more than willing to join me in searching the shelves, I found myself close to tears. Then, when he renewed his library card just so I could use it to take books out, I fell that bit more in love with him. One of the books I took out was this stunning 2001 edition (though it looks considerably older!) of short stories by a variety of authors including Elsa Beskow, written to accompany John Bauer’s exquisite artwork. (There will be a full blog post about this book coming up soon…)


Tea break mid-afternoon is something I really value. If I’m hammering at a particularly difficult piece of writing, I’ll say to myself ‘get this done and you can break for your tea and a cinnamon roll.’ It always helps. The cinnamon rolls I’ve been eating recently are from ICA, a popular Swedish supermarket. Considering that they’re ICA own brand, they are utterly divine and the perfect mid-afternoon treat for a flagging writer.